SAP Technology

SAP Technology Consulting

Alamo Consultores team provides our clients with advice, functional consulting and support, putting at their service all our experience to accompany them in the management and administration of projects for SAP implementation, start-up, updates and upgrades.


Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP): This is the programming language owned by SAP ERP, which is used to program in most SAP products. Our ABAP Consultant will be responsible for developing new functionalities in the SAP system or adapting existing ones so that they meet the requirements of the company.

Software Factory: The Software Factory concept is an analogy for industrial production processes that by means of the use of standard procedures and the application of quality standards, it can considerably reduce uncertainty in the development and maintenance of software projects.

SAP Electronic Invoicing: Electronic invoicing is not only a tool that enables fiscal control processing for tax purposes, but also causes significant savings in the overheads for companies using this system:

  • Savings in paper printing (100% savings)
  • Savings in invoice distribution costs (95% savings)
  • Savings in labour hours due to the automation of billing processes and tasks imputation of operations (90% savings)
  • Information opportunity, both at reception and in shipping (80% savings)
  • Ease in audit processes (90% savings)
  • Increased security in the protection of documents (95% savings)
  • Lower likelihood of counterfeiting (100% savings)
  • Agility in locating information (95% savings)
  • Elimination of spaces for storing historical documents (99% savings)

Mobile Solutions: Nowadays, mobile solutions are already a necessity for companies. From Alamo Consultores S.A. we support our customers by providing the start-brand product solutions of the leading manufacturers of mobile devices.

Corporate Portals: Alamo Consultores S.A. has specialists in the development of portals that suit the needs of our Customers. Our specialists have vast experience in developing portals of all kinds, which benefit the positioning of the company on the Internet.

WEBDYNPRO (JAVA and ABAP): It is an independent programming model belonging to the Netweaver technology platform that is used to develop user interfaces for professional business applications.

SAP Workflow: A tool that automates complex business processes where there is more than one user involved. This tool allows, facilitates and automates processes in a sequence of specific tasks and ensures the flow of information sending it to the right position at the right time, thus minimizing errors. All the collaborators involved receive the necessary information. This tool also allows an easy monitoring of the processes while enabling to obtain metrics throughout the process.

Document Management System and Archiving: In any organization, the manipulation of documentation must be efficient and centralized so that it is available for those who require it when it is needed, the DMS offers not only this possibility but also provides the greatest security since it does not allow access to these documents from unauthorized people.